About Us

Welcome to Fixit1Stop Shop

We are a team of driven people dedicated to protecting our environment through intelligent recycling of small appliances. Our ultimate goal is to aid in changing customers’ mindset from a “consumer” to a “recycler.” We believe small actions taken by each person will have a tremendous positive influence in shaping our planet’s future. We invite you to join us in this effort and consider repairing or properly recycling your devices (small appliances) before sending them to the ever-growing waste fields.

If you want to try and repair your malfunctioning device yourself, make use of repair guides and products available at this website. If you were unable to find the part you need please let us know about it and we will try to assist with your request as soon as we can. We continuously expand our list of supported products.

Also, if you are too busy to complete the repair yourself just select a suitable repair service for our products list and allow us do the work. We will repair, test, and ship your product back to you. And of course, we will recycle any hazardous parts accordingly free of charge.

Finally, if you already decided to ditch your broken product and buy a brand new one instead we want to ask you to consider sending your non-working to us instead of throwing it away. Our recycling service is FREE, you will only need to pay for shipping (should cost you $2-$3 for 13 Oz or less package if you use USPS 1st Class Mail Service).
We will disassemble your device, recycle the battery, and will attempt to salvage any parts and use them in repairing other units as applicable. Thank you!

Please send your products (and any accessories you may have) to:

TB1S FREE Recycle Service
5032 Wild Oats Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76179

Thank you for doing your part in keeping our environment clean and helping other customers extend life of their devices!