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FixIt1Stop - Toothbrush Battery Replacement & Repair

    Welcome to FixIt1Stop – your one stop solution for electric toothbrush parts and repairs.

    This is a place when you can get all help you need in having your toothbrush fixed. We offer a variety of products and support tools that will allow you get informed and focus only on support an products you need. This way you do not have to guess and spent time and money on solutions and products that won’t help the problem.

    FixIt1Stop offers Replacement Batteries and other parts, as well as Toothbrush Repair Services for those who is too busy to fix it on their own. Here, at FixIt1Stop you will also find Toothbrush Repair Guides and multiple tips in tricks in our F.A.Q. section.  Because we were the first ones on the USA market in the area of fixing rechargeable toothbrushes and offering replacement batteries we have accumulated significant knowledge and became well versed in the subject of toothbrush repairs and battery replacement services. If you have a questions chances are we already have an answer. So let us help you right now by taking you on a guided 2 minutes tour after which you will have a pretty good idea what can be wrong with your toothbrush, how it can be fixed, and what products are needed to make it happen. To start a tour, CLICK HERE or select “Help Me”! link at the top of the page and enjoy our simple yet elegant solution. Good luck!