How difficult is it to install a new battery on an electric toothbrush?

Because most of higher end electric toothbrushes use rechargeable batteries, they are soldered on the Printed Circuit Board. If you have a soldering iron and possess basic soldering skills you should have no problem replacing the battery. To make sure you understand the scope of this repair – we suggest you take a few minutes […]

What are the chances of successful toothbrush repair?

Is there a way to estimate a chance of your wireless product (toothbrush, shaver, etc.) to be successfully repaired before spending money on spares parts (battery, motor, PCB) or repair service? Of course there is. Let me help you with that. There are two major causes for toothbrush (shaver, etc.) premature failure: PCB damage by […]

How to identify battery polarity (positive/negative terminals)?

Luckily, there is an easy way to identify positive and negative terminals. Take a close look at the battery and locate an indent going around one of the batteries ends. This indent always marks the positive (+) end (terminal) – see HERE. Additionally, the positive (+) end usually has a smaller metal area (cap) – […]

FixIt1Stop Toothbrush Repair / Battery replacement servces

Welcome to FixIt1Stop – your one stop solution for electric toothbrush parts and repairs. This is a place when you can get all help you need in having your toothbrush fixed. We offer a variety of products and support tools that will allow you get informed and focus only on support an products you need. […]